Eco Friendly Cleaning

The following aspects of our enviro cleaning services aim to solve your cleaning concerns:eco_friendly1

  1. Ocean Fresh Australia has dedicated staff that supervises all work done, so you don’t have to spend time worrying about the cleaning requirements for your business. Regular audits and inspections ensure both quality and service for your premises.
  2. All work carried out is in accordance with cleaning service specifications and performed by Ocean Fresh Australia staff with the view in the success of your business. All associated costs are agreed upon upfront.
  3. By choosing Ocean Fresh Australia as your preferred cleaning service provider you are also taking a pro-active approach to the environmental issues that affect our precious environment-our planet. Our business partnership will contribute to reduce your company’s footprint.

Our working motto is-
“today’s actions is tomorrow’s future™”,
which in turn will contribute to maintaining
a breath of fresh air™”

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