Nursing Homes

Ocean Fresh Australia with over 25 years to our community provides cleaning services to aged care facilities that are uniquely designed to accommodate the needs of the home and meet accreditation standards.

Ocean Fresh Australia provides a quality and efficient friendly team working environment.

benefits1Ocean Fresh Australia has extensive experience in all facets of cleaning providing knowledge and skill hence all aged care homes receive an excellent and customised service.

Ocean Fresh Australia provides a high quality service for both low care and high care for homes that require ongoing services and for those living in dementia.

The right choice for your facility… 

Choosing a service provider for your home is not an easy decision, and rightly so!

We realise the importance of Quality of service… 

staff_trainingOur aim is not just to provide a service to a home, but to provide and contribute to a lifestyle surrounded by a caring, active, wholesome community.  Ocean Fresh management and cleaning staff embrace and practice Best Practice Principles which means we are committed to provide a safe and consistent high quality cleaning services in a non-intrusive manner whilst respecting the connections between residents, and their home.

We also realise that words are not enough… 

Ocean Fresh makes a difference…that’s why we invite you to see our representative for a free consultation for your facility and see for yourself the difference Ocean Fresh can make. Contact today for 

“a breath of fresh air”™ 

Our services offer a range of care levels including High Care, Low Care, Dementia Care, and respite areas.

Ocean Fresh also has extensive experience in hospitals, Operating rooms, medical centres and retirement villages.

Ocean Fresh Australia provides a range of services, including:

  • Window cleaning
  • Floor cleaning, floor polishing
  • Steam cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • And more…

Satisfaction is guaranteed!
Ocean Fresh Australia services is a breath of fresh air

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