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It was back in 1986 when our director of Ocean Fresh Australia Property Services (OFA) first established cleaning services in Melbourne. Since then we have established a cleaning service based on experience, quality and integrity.

company_overviewOcean Fresh Australia offers a customised boutique service based on experience and quality rather than numbers. OFA’s in-depth knowledge and wide range of exposure can provide you a cutting edge service.

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For over a quarter of a century we have successfully been partnering with businesses in both the private and public sectors to enhance their image with a winning edge.


George Trakas- Operations Manager

OFA invests in only high quality equipment which in turn provides quality and improved cleaning outcomes.

Our staff are carefully chosen for their ability to communicate with your staff and management, and are only too happy to assist to achieve optimum cost savings while maintaining the highest standards of service for your customers.

OFA’s in-house training programs ensure that all staff members strive to achieve optimum results. Where health, hygiene and presentation are involved, there is no room for mediocre performance.

Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Ocean Fresh Australia services is a breath of fresh air

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