About Us

Ocean Fresh Australia (OFA) has been providing businesses with tailored cleaning programs since 1986 developed with you the client in mind; to provide effective sustainable solutions to meet the needs of your business. Ocean Fresh is commitment to meet and exceed customer expectations and benchmarking a sound cleaning service. With background knowledge from grass roots to corporate levels, knowledge of diverse businesses Ocean Fresh is set to impress and meet your needs.

“Our cleaning. Your edge.”

about_imageOcean Fresh uses successful state-of the-art equipment, chemicals and cleaning processes that are environmentally friendly, efficient, and cost effective hence providing you with a supreme service. A win-win situation is created to enhance the image of your business and to protect the environment we live in.

The solid foundation of Ocean Fresh is the commitment to provide a sound quality service. With a sound research team and business partners we continue to develop and implement cleaning methodology, so that our customers benefit from our in-depth experience and knowledge which first started 25 years ago and continues to this day.

about_image1Everything we do is driven by our customer’s needs and with this in mind we strive to help them achieve the best outcomes for their business by utilising the power of our integrity, knowledge and skill and keeping the impact to a minimum for our environment.

We work with clients for the long term dedicating resources and support to build strong relationships based on success.

Gain a competitive edge in your business by harnessing and partnering with the power of Ocean Fresh Australia and join with company’s who are already turning our cleaning solutions into their business edge.

Satisfaction is guaranteed!
Ocean Fresh Australia services is a breath of fresh air 

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